Monday, May 30, 2011

Gorgeous Danish Cargo Trike for Sale

MamaVee over at Suburban Bike Mama is selling her beautiful Danish trike.  Here are the details:

Sorte Jernhest Cargo Trike Fire Sale

Original price $4299. For Sale for $2000.

  • Rear steering

  • 5 speed internal SRAM hub

  • Red canopy perfect for rain or cold windy weather

  • Padded mat to sit on and back rest

  • Carries up to 350lbs in the box

  • Cateye bike computer on rear wheel

    Bike rides smoothly and handles large weight surprisingly well. Can fit two children happily and four kids if they sit criss cross. I have happily had one eight-year-old, one seven-year-old, and two five-year- olds and biked easily along flat lands. Great for school runs and groceries or anything else you'd need to haul.

    This bike is happiest in flat lands and with suburban streets and bike trails to take one's time going along. 

    Would prefer Northeast pick up (Trike is near Boston).
    Bike fits in a pick-up truck.

    Contact for more info.


    Elle said...

    Sara - I've got a Batavus Personal bike that is loaded down with boys and groceries, I'm interested in switching out for a bakfiets or other cargo bike. That said, we've got some serious hills and very little flat roads. The shops that sell the bikes talk as if riding up hills is a breeze but this 40+yo in less-than-spectacular shape doubts it. Any insight you can share about hills and the bakfiets would be much appreciated!

    sara said...

    @Elle-- Would love to chat with you more about our bakfiets and our two longtails. I am a 40+ mama NOT in good shape and I gotta say that our bikes ride great, but the bakfiets on hills= tough. I feel different about our longtails & hills. Have you ever thought about a cargo bike w/ an e-assist? When we first started riding, I would never have looked in that direction but I feel really differently about that now...

    Wanna send me a direct email? You can catch me at crumstrong at gmail.

    Ben said...

    Very excellent looking bike. Is this from Christiana, perhaps, the hippie, govt'-free zone in Copenhagen that makes hand-made bikes?

    sara said...

    @Ben-- No this is a Danish Sorte, but we are starting see Christiania/ Boxcycles finally available here on the East Coast. Quite exciting.